Cork Post-Primary Schools:

(Iar-bhunscoileanna Chorcaí)




(Bye Laws).

  1.  All games to be played on regulation size GAA pitches.
  2. Referees must be active G.A.A. referees.
  3. Referees to be appointed by Development Officer for ALL games
  4. Games are to be played on or by the appointed date.
  5. Games may be brought forward but Development Officer must be informed in advance.
  6. Teams who fail to play their U14 OR U14 1/2 games on time without a verifiable reason concede home advantage to their opponents.
  7. Permission may be given to postpone a game only if exceptional circumstances prevail. Permission to postpone a game must be obtained from the CCC. Such permission will only be granted if both schools have agreed a specified date to fulfil the fixture.
  8. Teams not fulfilling their fixtures on or by the appointed date (subject 5 & 6) will be excluded from further participation in that competition.
  9. Extra time and Penalties must be played in all drawn knock out games.
  10. All finals and semi-finals must be played at a neutral enclosed pitch.
  11. The manager of the winning team is obliged to inform the Development Officer of match results immediately after each game.
  12. If a school brings supporters to a game the school must ensure proper supervision of their supporters while entering, attending, and leaving the G.A.A. grounds.  Schools will be held responsible for their supporter's behavior.
  13. In the event of a player being sent off, the referee to forward report to Runaí CCC as a matter of urgency.
  14. Two lists of players correctly numbered including dates of birth and club (if a member) must be given to referee before the game starts
  15. Sending off, including two yellow cards / red card offences, must be reported to the Runaí  CCC.
  16. A referee’s report is obligatory for all games.
  17. All teams must be registered by September 30th. Each year.
  18. An annual fee of €300 per school must be paid for the payment of referees. A balance of this can be received upon request.
  19. Registration Fee €75 per school year.
  20. A fee of €10 per school should be paid to grounds man in charge of the venue.
  21. Schools are subject to re-grading by Comhairle Iar-Bhunscoileanna Chorcaí committee.
  22. Semi-finals to be played in all Fé 14 / Fe 14½ competition.
  23. In competitions that are played on a round robin/league basis, the matches are to be played in sequence and schools should make every effort to play the games on time. Schools that wish to play the games out of sequence must get permission from the Development Officer.
  24. All communication to Comhairle Iarbhunscoileanna,or the respective Provincial/County Post-PrimarySchools committees from Post-Primary Schools to be authorized by the person nominated on the Provincial/County entry/affiliation form
  25. Colleges/ Schools must obtain permission from PPS CCC to play challenge game prior fixture.  Failure will result in fine on both schools/college

Fixture Procedure:

All fixtures will be played at a neutral club venue unless there is an agreement in place between two schools. The venue, time and referee will be appointed by the servicing officer and each school will be notified five days before the corresponding fixture via email.

Request for Change of Proposed Championship Programme:

Your School is requested to note carefully the procedure to be adopted in the event of your School requiring an alteration of a proposed fixture, which is as follows:-

An alternative date must not interfere with the playing of the next Round of the Championship and in that regard provision must be made for the possibility of Extra Time to be played. Likewise, it must not interfere with another Proposed Fixture.

Your School MUST consult with the opposing School in relation to any suggested alternative with a view to obtaining agreement.

An Official Request for any alteration of the proposed fixture schedule is to be submitted in writing not later than 5 School days before the fixture is scheduled. The request must state that the opposing School has been consulted and the outcome of that consultation given. The request must be submitted by E-mail. The C.C.C. will meet to consider any requests for changes to the Proposed Schedule.

If the requirements above are met and there is agreement from the opposing School, it is likely that C.C.C. will approve the alternative date.